Things to do in Dominical; reptile exhibit Parque Reptilandia

Become thrilled seeing these magnificent animals up-close; a fun and easy activity for the whole family

Parque Reptilandia has the largest and most diverse presentation of Reptiles in Costa Rica. Educate your kids and yourself on this special group of animals. They can be examined safely from close-by and are beautifully exhibited, simulating their natural habitat as much as possible. When strolling down the easy walking paths you can also enjoy the many beautiful plants and trees in the botanical garden. Go to Parque Reptilandia when looking for things to do in Dominical and surroundings; it is a fun, exciting and easy activity for the whole family.

Many animals to see and things to do:

  • See reptiles without going into the jungle
  • Learn to identify the venomous snakes of Costa Rica
  • Observe tiny new born reptiles in our nursery
  • Take spectacular pictures
  • Plentiful animals to see, representing 90 species
  • Besides Snakes, Lizards, Turtles and Tortoises, we also have a small collection of Frogs
  • Both Costa Rican and Non Costa Rican Reptiles
  • Fully Certified
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Tourist Attraction in Dominical

Botanical Garden

We landscaped the park with over 100 species of plants and trees. Enjoy the beautiful trees and flowers while walking from the one animal exhibit to the other. We labeled 27 trees so far and more to come.

Good to know

  • Short & Easy walking paths
  • Great activity for half a day
  • Enjoy your self guided tour and spend as much time as you want with your favorite Reptiles
  • We sell water & soda (no food)

“Beautiful done! Thank you”

“I have to visit this place again, my kids will love it”